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What’s next for remote services and IoT?

Ralph Exton
| July 28, 2021 |
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While the Internet of Things (IoT) gained an increasing foothold in the water sector over the past decade, the pandemic accelerated its adoption. Social distancing rules and stay-at-home orders made remote monitoring -- enabled by a robust network of IoT solutions -- an imperative.

And after experiencing the tremendous value that IoT and remote monitoring unlock – including improved safety, efficiency, asset performance, sustainability, etc. – there’s no going back. Now plant managers and operators can monitor performance from anywhere at any time, receive alerts against specific operating parameters, get automated reports, make more informed decisions based on real-time data, reduce operating costs, and more.

But while these capabilities have changed the game for many industrial companies, we’ve reached a point where remote monitoring and automated reporting have become the expected norm. So, what’s next?

Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer for SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions, sat down to share more on the benefits of IoT, digital monitoring, and advanced analytics, along with his thoughts on the future outlook of these technologies in the industrial sector. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Ralph Exton

Chief Marketing & Chief Digital Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer for SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, Ralph Exton is responsible for providing leadership and program direction for the business’s, strategic marketing activities, communications, business development, and business strategy. In addition, Ralph is leading the business’s digital center of excellence, the core digital initiatives and overall digital strategy.