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Optimized solutions to protect assets & meet environmental standards

Dairy producers consume large amounts of water for their daily cleaning and sanitizing requirements. SUEZ provides the dairy industry with optimized solutions for their water, process and wastewater requirements that protect assets, address water scarcity and total cost of ownership, and meet environmental standards. 

SUEZ has served the dairy industry for over 30 years and is a pioneer of membrane technology for sanitary applications. Our broad portfolio covers all key membrane processes implemented in dairies. Applications include: lactose and whey concentration, whey demineralization, lactose clarification, whey and milk protein concentration, cheese brine clarification and water recovery from UF, NF and RO permeates.


Dairy Processing

Milk and Cheese producers have long struggled with efficiency within their product process, as well as the increasing disposal rate of byproducts, which were both hurting the industry. With membrane technology, dairy producers were able to capitalize on their new efficiencies in their process and create new byproducts such as whey protein powders, infant formula, and food ingredients in addition to milk and cheese.

SUEZ uses a unique 3-layer membrane technology that produces one of the world’s best NF membranes for process applications with excellent salt permeability while maintaining high rejection of organics such as lactose and proteins, as well as divalent ions. This results in increased operational efficiency and improves the downstream processes.

SUEZ’s Dairy membranes meet:

  • 3A-Sanitary Standard: a manufacturing standard that covers the sanitary aspects of cross-flow modules for use with MF, UF, NF and RO systems for processing milk and milk products
  • FDA 21CFR 175, 176, 177, 178 and 182
  • EU Framework regulation 1935/2004/EC and relevant sections of the Plastic Regulation 10/2011

With a global team of experiences professionals, SUEZ is uniquely positioned to enhance manufacturing quality, reduce energy cost, and increase yield for the dairy industry.

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Separations and applications

SUEZ offers a number of different separation technologies and applications within the dairy industry. Those include:


  • Concentration/fractionation
  • Fat removal
  • Bacteria removal


  • Milk protein concentration
  • Whey protein concentration
  • Cheese milk


  • Concentration
  • Demineralization
  • Lactose-free milk
  • Recovery of CIP (clean-in-place)

Reverse osmosis

  • Milk protein concentration
  • Whey protein concentration
  • Cheese milk


Products & Services

Dairy processing technologies

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Monitoring Systems

Physical asset and TOC monitoring to optimize chemical consumption and meet water quality…

Case Studies

Blister Free RO membrane

Exposure testing finds SUEZ’s dairy membranes remain blister free after 20 cleaning cycles

To better understand the impact of effective cleaning on membrane performance, Hydrite Chemical Company, a leading supplier of cleaning technology to the dairy industry, tested SUEZ’s Blister-Free membrane elements.

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SUEZ case study

SUEZ’s RO system provides condensate of whey water recovery for Indian dairy

A dairy production facility in Ludhiana in northern India was looking to recover its condensate of whey (COW) water for reuse in its production processes. The total organic carbon (TOC) in the condensate water was very high, which posed a challenge.

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Dairy doubles wastewater treatment capacity with SUEZ solutions

Sri Lanka dairy doubles wastewater treatment capacity with SUEZ solutions

A dairy in Sri Lanka wanted to increase its wastewater treatment plant capacity to address the aerobic portion of its wastewater treatment plant. It also wanted to treat the membrane bioreactor (MBR) permeate to produce 20m3 /hr RO permeate.

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Enhanced effluent treatment and automated control

Enhanced effluent treatment and automated control saves dairy US$122,710

This integrated plant in Australia manufacturing milk powder, butter and lactose combined the effluent streams from these operations in an equalization tank.

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