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Create energy from biowaste and biosolids applications

From mixing systems to heat exchanges to sludge treatment, SUEZ’s digestion products work in concert to provide a holistic solution that takes anaerobic treatment to a new level. SUEZ’s digestion products achieve optimal energy balance to maximize system yield and performance.

Digestion Product Features

SUEZ’s digestion products are designed to work together as one system to help customers achieve increased efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Mixing Systems process >90% of the contents in the sludge digester

  • SGM systems can handle dry solids concentrations up to 10%
  • Jet Mix systems used in the hydrolysis buffer tank to promote the natural formation of volatile fatty acids in the slurry
  • Air Mix systems fully mix the sludge within 2 hours and use low energy of 1.5W/m3 to 2.0W/m3

Heat Exchangers automatically control temperature in the digester or process to +/-1°C

  • Re:Smart provide heating or cooling of temperature ranges covering mesophilic and thermophilic digesters
  • Re:SmartSteam handles heating for mesophilic and thermophilic digesters of over 30% dry solids concentration

Sludge Treatment desludges clarifiers automatically with low energy and low maintenance required

  • Air Lift can desludge both primary and trickling filter sludge

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