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Antifoulant Chemical Treatments

Better antifoulant chemistry to minimize the costly effects of fouled equipment

Process equipment fouling in oil refineries and petrochemical industries is an on-going, tenacious, and extremely costly problem. Severe economic and operational penalties related to fouling include:

  • Inefficient heat transfer and subsequent increases in energy costs
  • Reduced reliability and processing flexibility
  • Excessive maintenance requirements
  • Throughput limitations
  • Equipment damage
  • Significant safety and environmental concerns

Antifoulant Product Features

For more than 30 years, SUEZ has developed antifoulant technology and applications expertise. The benefits of SUEZ’s Thermoflo solutions include:

  • Maximized throughput and increased production
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved overall equipment reliability
  • Reduced equipment cleaning and replacement costs
  • Lower overall energy cost
  • Lower waste disposal cost
  • Improved worker safety and environmental compliance

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