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Convert Biosolids into Methane and Valuable Byproducts

SUEZ’s line of Monsal* sludge processing systems brings advanced anaerobic digestion technology to the biosolids industry. Municipalities produce biosolids from wastewater sludge and can employ advanced anaerobic digestion systems to treat their biosolids.

Converting Wastewater Sludge into Energy

Using a drone video, we've captured how Anglian Water's Great Billing Water Recycling Center captures energy and valuable products using SUEZ’s advanced anaerobic digestion and Jenbacher gas engine technologies.

Biosolids Features

Targeted to municipal wastewater sludge, SUEZ’s biosolids solutions include advanced anaerobic digestion, digester upgrading, co-digestion and Class A Biosolids

  • Advanced Anaerobic Digestion is designed with a retention time of 18 to 22 days to improve the conversion from sludge to energy
  • Digester upgrading maximizes the biogas yield from existing sludge streams shifting the plant balance towards energy neutrality
  • Co-digestion utilizes SUEZ’s Advanced AD to free up volume for receiving organic wastes to produce more biogas
  • Class A Biosolids treatments use cutting-edge pasteurization technology for Class A sludge processing

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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