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Convert Organic Waste to Methane and Other Valuable Byproducts

SUEZ’s line of Monsal* Advanced Digestion Technologies uses anaerobic digestion to break down matter and create biogas. The biogas can be combusted or oxidized and used for heating or with a gas engine to produce electricity and heat. It can also be compressed and used as fuel for vehicles; additional nutrient-rich effluent can be used as fertilizer.

Biowaste Features

SUEZ’s biowaste treatment process optimizes biogas production and provides nutrient rich effluent which can be used as fertilizer. The process includes:

  • RE:Sep* pre-treatment separates packaging, contraries and grit to generate a clean organic slurry
  • Hydrolysis Pasteurization Digestion (HPD) operates anaerobically and promotes the natural formation of volatile fatty acids in the slurry, leading to greater biogas production
  • Advanced Anaerobic Digestion is designed with a hydraulic retention time of 18 to 22 days to improve the conversion of sludge to energy.

Featured Video Creating Energy from Food Waste

Viridor uses SUEZ advanced anaerobic digestion to recycle food waste into methane gas to generate power for homes and businesses and fertilizer for local farms.

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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