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Feedwater Treatment Oxygen Scavenger Chemicals

Reduce corrosion, maintenance, and downtime with dissolved oxygen scavengers

Dissolved oxygen is a constant threat to the integrity of boiler feedwater systems, economizers, and internal boiler and condensate system surfaces. Even minor concentrations of dissolved oxygen can cause severe pitting corrosion. Because of its highly localized nature, pitting attacks caused by dissolved oxygen can result in rapid failure of feedwater lines, economizers, boiler tubes, and condensate lines. Our inorganic sulfite and advanced organic oxygen scavenger formulations rapidly remove any dissolved oxygen remaining after mechanical deaeration.

CorTrol* Oxygen Scavenger

CorTrol is designed for the control of corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen in makeup and feedwater systems. The resulting absence of oxygen and feedwater conditioning contributes to iron passivation. CorTrol is an aqueous organic oxygen scavenger that does not contribute inorganic solids to boiler feedwater. Some product features include: 

  • Improves equipment reliability 
  • Controls dissolved oxygen pitting in boiler feedwater, internal boiler and steam condensate systems 
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with dissolved oxygen failures 
  • Minimizes feedwater and condensate iron and copper levels, reducing loading of these scale-forming corrosion products to the boiler