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Cartridge Filter Housings – High Flow and Standard

SUEZ cartridge filter housings include a wide range of housings constructed with stainless steel and fiberglass materials and are available in multiple round configurations. 




The size of the filter determines the type of cartridge filter housing. The two common categories of cartridge filter housings are standard and large format, high flow. Specific SUEZ cartridge filter housings are certified ASME, PED, or ACS, and certification details are listed in the information for each product. 

Cartridge Filter Housings for Large Format, High Flow Filters 

For the large format cartridge filters (OD of 6.0-6.5 inches), SUEZ offers high flow housings in both stainless steel and reinforced fiberglass.  The stainless steel housing is used typically for industrial and general high flow applications such as municipal drinking water, mining, and food and beverage. Reinforced fiberglass is SUEZ’s cost-conscious option for reverse osmosis (RO) or electrodialysis removal (EDR) systems. 

Cartridge Filter Housings for Standard Filters 

SUEZ cartridge filter housings for standard filters (filters with OD of 2.5 inches or less) are ideal for general pre-filtration, high purity water, and final product purification.  These housings are referred to as “HX housings” and are offered as single round (one filter), 3- round, and 7-round housings. 

SUEZ is One-Stop-Shop for Cartridge Filter Housings and Matching Filters 

Offering cartridge filter housing and matching filters for several common applications, SUEZ’s eStore makes it easy to order housings with matching filters for delivery to your site. 

High Flow Cartridge Filter Housings

high flow cartridge filter housings   

SUEZ HX High Flow Cartridge Filter Housings offer flexible and reliable designs that incorporate easily into existing HX Housing Systems.  

SUEZ Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) High Flow Cartridge Filter Housings are a low-cost option suitable for brackish and seawater reverse osmosis systems. 


high flow 1 round table


high flow 4 round table


high flow 7 round table

Standard Cartridge Filter Housings

standard cartridge filter housings 

Engineered for small-to-medium capacity general-purpose filtration applications, SUEZ Cartridge Filter Housings are ideal for chemical systems, general pre-filtration, high-purity water, and final product purification.


standard flow 1 round


standard flow 3 round


standard flow 7 round table