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Empowering those in need of a self-sustainable drinking water source

CommunityTAP provides safe drinking water to communities lacking water infrastructure such as remote locations with compromised water supply, humanitarian and aid relief, emergency response.

Using SUEZ’s industry-leading ultrafiltration membrane technology along with pre-screening and post-disinfection, CommunityTap provides a multi-barrier approach resulting in 99.99% bacteria removal.

CommunityTAP Features

  • A multi barrier approach utilizing a pre-screen, ultrafiltration membranes and post chlorination
  • Quick and simple installation with only 3 connection points
  • Capacity: Two Models: 50,000 Liters/day or 100,000 Liters/day
  • Provides a high level of public health protection from water borne pathogens
  • Technical, educational and training support for donor organizations and end users of CommunityTap
  • CommunityTAP is currently installed and in use in 10 communities in Rwanda