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Crude oil desalter services

Unique combined offering for crude oil desalters and oil / water separators

Either in upstream or refineries, most desalters operate in conditions that are far from the ones they were designed for. We’ve learned that there is a significant improvement to be done in existing desalters to bring them to their optimal operating point, providing significant savings. Thanks to combined design and chemical products expertise, SUEZ helps refineries to overcome the challenges of adapting to new crudes. With our flexible services packages, we can improve your desalter’s performance by providing technical support to your team while optimizing your investment choices throughout your asset’s lifecycle. From design review to full refurbishment, assuming the responsibility of operation and performance while supplying chemicals and monitoring services.

Our service offerings can be tailored to meet your needs and provide access to expertise, improved productivity, troubleshooting and detecting problems, retrofits & upgrades and operator training.


The efficiency of desalter operation is the result of the proper:

  • Technology choice,
  • Process design,
  • Quality in execution,
  • Operation tuning
  • Chemical program selection, dosing and mixing
  • Close process data follow-up, collection and analysis.

At SUEZ, we have expertise, solutions and our experienced experts work closely with you to address all these factors and drive success throughout your operation.

A personalized approach to optimizing your operations

We work closely with your operation team to understand your business goals and propose the most optimal way to increase performance and reduce the total cost of operation while ensuring the highest safety standards.

  • Ensure constant compliance of the product with specifications
  • Minimize fouling and corrosion of downstream equipment that determine off-time and performance degradation
  • Avoiding oil carryover with water, avoiding loading the effluent treatment, saving treatment costs
  • optimize the consumption of chemical products
  • Reduce your environmental footprint by minimizing the use of water and controlling greenhouse gas fugitive emissions
  • Increase knowledge and productivity of your team thanks to SUEZ's digitalized remote monitoring tools and assistance services

What we offer

A single contact for all your operational needs

SUEZ’s asset care service offers customers flexibility by providing the exact service you need throughout the lifecycle of your desalter and oil/water process equipment. Whether that is a one-time service offer to provide parts and components, or services, such as upgrading AC to AC/DC or even fixed schedule maintenance. SUEZ can offer what you need to keep your plant running smoothly.

Installing and running new equipment doesn’t need to be a challenge, with SUEZ desalter services we work with our customers to provide tailored solutions determining what level of support is needed to operate and maintain their facility. At SUEZ, we have desalter experts who have vast experience with designing and operating electric coalescers and oil/water separators to ensure best possible performance and help your operation adapting to changing crudes quality.

Global Field Services

With safety being our topmost priority, access one-off expertise to support your operations with our Field Service team and customized service offering. SUEZ field service team can also provide expertise and assistance in start-up, shutdown operations as well as:

Equipment installation assistance & start-up services Extensive & adapted training programs

Our Desalter experts and Services team will also work closely with your team to thoroughly plan the activities matching Client’s facilities shutdown overall schedule, specific work and safety procedures. We will plan in advance the procurement and site activities and we will be able to assist you with desalter re-starting and propose adapted chemistry and monitoring programs.

  • Operation & monitoring of equipment performance
  • Repair services, audits & troubleshooting
  • Debottlenecking, upgrades & replacements (AC – AC/DC technologies)
  • Field trials & piloting
Process Expertise

Desalter and oil/water separation experts provide design review, site audits, and troubleshooting services and develop up-to-date solutions to improve both new and existing crude treatment plants performance.

Chemicals Services

Lab scientists and technicians dedicated to analyzing, developing and monitoring best-in-class chemistries and treatment services.

Digital Tools

Through SUEZ InSight* digital platform, our experts deliver a comprehensive range of experience-driven services to increase transparency, consistency and availability across your operations.

At SUEZ, our global footprint and robust desalting and oil/water separation expertise enables us to be able to provide custom-tailored solutions to all of our customers based on their needs. These solutions aim at reducing complexity, minimizing risks, improving cost control, and maximizing the performance of your assets.

Our services offerings include:

  • Design & Build of new equipment
  • Supervision of installation, commissioning and start-up
  • Training programs for operation and maintenance teams
  • Supply of Spare parts and consumables (standard delivery or Management of stock and minimum delivery time)
  • Chemical supply and monitoring services
  • Desalter operation follow-up and optimization thanks to the SUEZ Smart Desalter Controller package
  • Maintenance programs
  • Design review, site surveys, repair and troubleshooting
  • Upgrade coalescing technology AC to AC/DC
  • Field & remote monitoring through the InSight* platform
  • Desalter shutdown activity support at the site including equipment audit and site activities follow-up


How Asset Care works

With our unique service offerings, we are able to guarantee you reduced complexity, minimized risks, cost control and maximize performance in your treatment facility there are three types of services plans customers can choose from, essential, perform and customized plans:

asset care services offerings

Flexible “a la carte” service packages to care for your assets throughout their lifetime to help you maximize its reliability and optimize its cost of maintenance.

  • Supply & installation
  • Design review & audits
  • Spare parts & consumables
  • Maintenance program
  • On-field & remote monitoring assistance
  • Measure and monitor GHG emissions thanks to SUEZ Scan360

SUEZ also developed partnership solutions to offer a large panel of contracting models to meet your priorities.

  • BOO/DBO partnerships
  • Long term service agreements
  • Chemicals supply services
  • Maintenance packages
  • Remote monitoring

A unique integrated offering across your entire process and water value chain:

  • Equipment solutions
  • Process chemistry
  • Water chemistry
  • Digital tools
  • On-site services

There is no single approach that’s best suited for every customer. That’s why SUEZ pairs our industry and process expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced solutions and services to deliver project success and performance optimization.



Can you upgrade a desalter from AC to AC/DC technology?

Yes, you can upgrade your desalter from AC to and AC/DC technology. 

At SUEZ, our team will work closely with your project and operation teams in order to thoroughly plan the works and minimize downtime when replacing the internals and proprietary equipment.

How can I improve my desalters efficiency?

Oil/water separation is a complex process that involves multiple parameters. Monitoring diverse sources of data in a single place can be a great tool to have an overall view, identify trends and small issues before they become real problems. Gathering the right data with correct interpretation will provide you meaningful information that will help you decrease the total cost of operations.

SUEZ oil/water separation specialists can also help you improve your knowledge of desalter operation using the right instruments to monitor the oil/water emulsion interfaces and control solid deposits through SUEZ Smart Desalter Controller package.

Effective process management depends on data transformed into meaningful and actionable information. SUEZ’s InSight* captures the power of data to maximize performance and achieve better outcomes. A cloud-based Asset Performance Management solution, InSight uses data and analytics to help ensure treatment assets operate at optimal performance. By aggregating and analyzing the thousands of complex data points from throughout an operation, InSight provides users with greater visibility and transparency at a plant level or across the entire enterprise.