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Depth Filter Cartridges

Avoid pressure drops, increase dirt holding capacity, and extend filter life

Many cartridges claim to be depth filters with superior dirt holding capacity, but true depth filter cartridges retain a wide range of different sized particles throughout an entire cross section of the filter. SUEZ developed a unique one-step manufacturing process that continuously extrudes and thermally bonds pure polypropylene microfibers into a complex, high capacity filter matrix.

Precise control maximizes the positive filtration characteristics of graded density, tight micron cutoffs for high efficiency, and maximum void area for high dirt-holding capacity.

Depth Filter Product Features

SUEZ depth filters use Hytrex* and Z.Plex* manufacturing technologies to produce filters with:

  • Long life
  • Low pressure drop
  • Superior dirt holding capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Consistent quality

SUEZ’s line of depth filters for water treatment include:

  • High Flow Z – 6.5” diameter filter for high flow water and process applications.
  • ZCore – 90% efficient filter for elevated temperature fluids, process chemical streams or high viscosity fluids
  • Absolute.Za – 99.9% efficient absolute-rated depth filter
  • ROSave.Zs* – Z.Plex filter engineered for SDI reduction in reverse osmosis pretreatment applications
  • Muni.Z – for municipal water pre-filtration, NSF 61 compliant
  • SWRO.Zs – designed for seawater prefiltration
  • WellPro.Z* – optimized filter for deep well injection applications
  • Hytrex / Purtrex* – high strength and efficiency filters for demanding applications

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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