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aquaray* Integra UV Systems for Aquaculture

UV disinfection for aquaculture applications

aquaray Integra UV systems are designed for the disinfection of intake, discharge and recirculating effluents at fish farms and on Well Boats. aquaray integra UV systems are also capable to provide ozone destruction of ozone treated waters. The aquaray Integra system inactivates pathogens with a powerful dose of UV light delivered by strategically placed medium pressure UV lamps.


Aquaray UV Overview

Our UV reactor series is designed to disinfect seawater and aquaculture effluents. The germicidal effect of UV light has been proven to inactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites which provides reliable biosecurity for aquaculture applications.

The UV dose defines the treatment efficiency which is provided by the UV reactor. SUEZ’s Aquaray UV use the preferred UV dose as determined by the application, water quality, system hydraulics, and applicable local standards and regulations.


  • Well boats
  • Aquaculture intake water disinfection
  • Aquaculture recirculation systems
  • Aquaculture effluent discharges
  • De-ozonation
  • Ozone destruction

Main Features

Features of the Aquaray Integra UV Series

  • Optimized performance: the Aquaray Integra UV series has been optimized with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to maximize UV dose and minimize pressure losses.

  • Validated performance: the Aquaray Integra series has been certified to the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI) standards for disinfection of aquaculture farming effluents. 

  • Space-saving: the Aquaray Integra UV disinfection system utilizes a very small footprint making it easy to install on new or existing vessels. The Aquaray Integra can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position. 

  • Energy conservation: power consumption can be adjusted on demand using variable power electronic ballasts. 

  • Online UV intensity monitor

  • Automatic wiper system (optional)

  • High capacity with minimum number of lamps

  • High efficiency stainless steel cross flow reactor 

  • Colour touchscreen with data logging