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aquaray* SMP UV Disinfection Systems

Compact and high efficiency ultraviolet disinfection for small to medium applications which require a small footprint.

aquaray SMP UV systems offer compact and high efficiency disinfection for small to medium flow applications by using medium pressure UV lamps. The aquaray SMP allows easy integration into existing plant layouts due to its small footprint. 

aquaray SMP-DW/PW Overview

The aquaray SMP-DW/PW range offers compact and high efficiency system for small and medium water plant with a range of flow rates from 22 to 440 m3/h (1.39 to 27.9 MGD) with exceptional reliability and ease of operation.

The aquaray SMP-DW/PW units have been designed to disinfect potable or process water. The germicidal effect of the UV light inactivates most micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The medium pressure lamps have an action on nucleic acid and proteins for microorganisms inactivation. The UV dose (UV intensity x contact time) defines the treatment efficiency which is provided by the unit. The effective dose applied depends on the UV transmittance of water to be treated as well as the proper hydraulic design of the unit.


  • Polychromatic medium pressure lamps for highest germicidal efficiency
  • Fewer lamps
  • Easy to install in new or existing water plants
  • User friendly operator interface microprocessor controlled
  • Data logging for up to one year


  • Drinking water
  • Process water
  • Aquaculture
  • Cooling tower
  • Advanced oxidation