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Electrodialysis Reversal Water Treatment

A robust high-recovery brackish water desalination technology that can treat a variety of challenging waters

EDR was developed as an innovation to electrodialysis with the additional feature of polarity reversal of the electrodes, thereby switching the flow of ions. This reversal acts as a self-cleaning feature that minimizes fouling and prolongs membrane life.

SUEZ’s EDR technology has a particular advantage of being able to eliminate or simplify desalination pretreatment which can dramatically lower capital costs. Often, this is due to the higher turbidity allowance versus competitive reverse osmosis solutions. It also has advantages with high silica water, when the feed stream has wide variations in temperature or TDS, and importantly whenever there is a need for high recovery desalination solutions due to brine disposal costs.

With experience dating back to Ionics pioneering innovations in 1948, we have the technical knowledge and process expertise to design solutions that are reliable and cost-effective for your water purification needs. With 1,000+ EDR installations globally, SUEZ offers a depth of experience for the design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance of your EDR system.


EDR Benefits

higher turbidity allowance

Water flows through channels along the surface of ion exchange membranes while electricity moves ionized salts through the membrane, so it can handle higher levels of turbidity in feedwater.

silica tolerance

Silica is an uncharged molecule, so it simply flows through the stack with no impact to the membranes.

variability of feeds

The flexibility of EDR allows for wide variations of TDS and temperature without significant upset to process or performance. Voltage adjustments are all that is needed to meet changing needs.

economics of high recovery

Savings from reduced brine disposal cost and associated replenishment of supply can lead to operating costs for EDR that are lower in more than 80% of cities around the world.

enabling alternate flow sheets

EDR is an alternative desalination technology that requires less pretreatment than reverse osmosis, while often providing a more robust and reliable operation.