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Low Salinity Water Flooding Injection

Low Salinity Water Injection

SUEZ is currently working with Oil & Gas clients at developing an optimal low salinity water injection solution. We are also involved in a number of promising pilot trials where we are supplying water treatment technology and engineering work. If you are interested in low salinity water flooding (onshore or offshore) and would like to find out more about this EOR method, please contact SUEZ using the link on this page.

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graph showing oil recovery factor related to water injection volumes

According to the International Energy Agency:

"Injecting high-saline water (seawater) into oil reservoirs maintains the pressure and drives the crude oil towards the producer wells. However, as salt is a conductor of electricity, it creates electrical charges that react with the rock reservoir walls, resulting in a magnetic effect. As oil adheres to the rock walls, the quantity of oil that can be recovered is reduced. However, by using low-salinity water the amount of electrical charge is lowered. The oil is then more easily liberated from the rock, allowing ever more oil to be recovered.It is estimated that using the low-salinity technique will make it possible to recover an additional 6 billion barrels of crude oil from mature fields in the North Sea, equivalent to 42 million barrels of oil more than could otherwise be obtained from seawater flooding. Considerable further potentials may exist in other mature oil fields worldwide."

Source: International Energy Agency online publication

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