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GenGard* Corrosion Treatment Programs

Extend asset life by minimizing corrosion

SUEZ’s corrosion treatment programs can be applied across the entire pH spectrum and will ensure uncompromising results even under the most stressful conditions.

SUEZ's Halogen Resistant Azole (HRA) corrosion treatment will help you manage a variety of chemistries. As one of the most sophisticated corrosion additives available, SUEZ’s HRA technology inhibits corrosion of copper and alloy providing the freedom to effectively respond to microbial upsets without a loss of deposition or corrosion control.

GenGard* Corrosion Treatment Benefits

  • Improved productivity & equipment reliability
    • Maximum heat transfer efficiency
    • Improved process throughput
    • Reduced downtime for cleaning
    • Extended turnarounds/longer runs
  • Cost effective performance
    • Superior protection when compared to any other chemistry available in the market today
    • Cost competitive with market alternatives
  • Better safety net
    • More forgiving chemistry that helps protect assets
    • Fewer problems from inevitable upsets; fewer unscheduled shutdowns and cleanings
  • Reduced “total cost of ownership”
    • Ability to use alternative water sources
    • Cleaner equipment means lower overall costs and fewer cleanings

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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