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Lower operating costs with condensate recovery and higher water reuse

As an industrial customer, you are always trying to reduce water and energy costs, improve process efficiency, and meet stringent discharge limitations. Industrial membranes from SUEZ can help you:

  • Reduce salinity and chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • Purify oily effluents
  • Remove chemical contaminants
  • Recover acid streams
  • Clean-up hot condensates
  • Pre-concentrate streams prior to evaporator
  • Reduce wastewater volumes by increasing water reuse

Industrial Membrane Features

SUEZ custom designs membrane elements to operate effectively in challenging environments, including extreme pHs, temperatures from 40° to 158° Fahrenheit (5° to 70° Celsius), oil contaminated streams and highly viscous solutions.

This provides many benefits including:

  • Recovery of valuable products
  • Recycling of acid and caustic solutions
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reuse of process water

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Take a tour of our spiral wound membrane elements

Take a tour of our spiral wound membrane elements. Learn about the construction, fluid dynamics, and impurity separation.

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