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When it comes to your operations, how can you achieve the speed and reliability you need to remain competitive in today's marketplace?

SUEZ's InSight Analytics are targeted solutions designed to help achieve greater system efficiency, reduce operating costs and maximize production in water and process applications:

  • InSight for RO is a powerful tool to help you get the most out of your reverse osmosis membranes. As deposits form on membranes, their efficiency is reduced, which significantly raises the energy costs to process the same amount of water. By implementing InSight for RO, you can better manage membrane cleaning schedules to deliver the most value out of your assets by optimizing energy use and achieving maximum membrane life.
  • InSight for Condenser brings a new level of data reliability and transparency to measuring condenser efficiency in heat transfer systems. SUEZ's cloud-based technology can provide real time data normalization, giving you valid data on efficiency, even during peak production times, in a clear, simplified report. Using this data, you can visualize current conditions, identify problems within the system, and adjust as needed to achieve optimal performance.

Both analytics are available as an upgrade to the InSight platform, and can be used on SUEZ equipment as well as competitor equipment.

Analytics 101: Delivering value

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