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Reduce product loss, keep costs low, and boost your yield with advanced membranes

Whatever the need, SUEZ has a full line of nanofiltration, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration membranes to allow:

  • Dairy producers to turn cheese whey into a valuable product
  • Starch processors to purify glucose at a high temperature and pressure
  • Wine makers to enhance color and flavor while eliminating the use and disposal of diatomaceous earth
  • Food processors to increase protein concentration while minimizing product losses
  • Pharmaceutical companies to demineralize and concentrate antibiotics
  • Blister-Free Sanitary Membranes for dairy producers

Sanitary, Food & Beverage Membranes

SUEZ filtration membranes protect your product quality and brand image, while ensuring increased product safety. SUEZ’s sanitary, food, and beverage membrane technologies meet your regulatory requirements such as:

  • United States Food & Drug Administration 21CFR 175, 176, 177, 178 and 182
  • European Framework 1935/2004/EC and Plastics Regulation 10/2011
  • BSE/TSE guidance
  • Absence of Melamin and Cyanuric acid

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