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Mobile Water Treatment Systems

Deploying mobile water treatment trailers to your pre-planned or emergency outage in 3 hours

Whether a scheduled outage or an emergency need, your operations need guaranteed water quality and quantity. Complying with environmental regulations and handling various influent waters, SUEZ’s fleet of trailer-based systems can meet your scheduled, temporary, or emergency water needs. Even in the middle of the night, SUEZ can deploy mobile water treatment systems within 3 hours (plus travel time).

Mobile Water Treatment Features:

SUEZ's mobile water treatment solutions fall into four system categories: resin, membrane, filtration, and other water treatment. Routine applications include:

  • Clarifier by-pass / outage projects requiring total suspended solids (TSS) removal
  • Boiler feedwater to all levels of purity
  • Deoxygenation of feedwater
  • Condensate polishing
  • Total organic carbon (TOC) removal
  • Water recycling
  • Steam blow boiler make up
  • Water availability ahead of permanent plant commissioning
  • Special applications where improvements in water quality or quantity can provide value for your processes
  • Wastewater treatment

SUEZ has a mobile water treatment fleet with more than 800 units in service, designed to treat water sources and provide pure water for critical industrial processes. Mobile fleets can be used for both planned and unplanned downtime to ensure customers can continue operation. Just like industries and municipalities around the world, you too can rely on SUEZ mobile water to deliver a wide range of water treatment solutions, including:

  • Emergency outages or equipment failure
  • Planned outages for equipment repair
  • Seasonal demands and product expansion
  • Plant start-ups
  • Changes in raw water quality
  • Sudden changes in effluent specifications
  • Augmentation/expansion of existing water plant
  • Regeneration and cleaning



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