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Performance reliability through deposition and scale control

SUEZ’s Internal Treatment programs provide highly effective protection against scale formation and corrosion to improve the reliability and efficiency of your boiler system. Treatments include patented Solus* AP advanced all-Polymer programs, as well as coordinated phosphate/pH, chelant, and phosphate programs to best fit your system.

Featured products:

  • Solus AP – Novel all-polymer treatment for systems up to 600 psig where optimum control of hardness, silica and iron deposition is mission critical
  • OptiSperse APFe – Combines our mainstay all-polymer chemistry with the industry’s premier iron dispersant, HTP polymer, to treat systems where iron is the dominant feedwater contaminant below 900 psig
  • OptiSperse HTP – Premier high-pressure internal treatment for use in coordinated phosphate/pH programs where iron is the major contaminant above 900 psig
  • OptiSperse™ HP – Tailored phosphate/pH chemistry for high-pressure, high purity systems
  • OptiSperse™ CPS – Chelant, polymer, and phosphate blends for tough to treat systems
  • OptiSperse PO – Precipitating phosphate/polymer internal treatment programs for systems prone to elevated hardness contaminant ingress
  • OptiSperse SP – Supplemental polymeric dispersants for enhanced deposit control under stressed conditions in all internal treatment programs

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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