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PROflex Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Robust, Flexible and Economical Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO)

PRO RO systems represent quality and robustness. We have leveraged this history to create the new PROflex BWRO. It incorporates years of RO design experience to provide customers with a very flexible design. You can easily choose instrumentation and PLC control packages, while designing an RO that produces a flow rate (or flux rate) per element simply by choosing pump sizes, elements, and arrays (both two and three stages) to meet specific requirements.

Or if you’d rather, choose a flow rate with our 10 pre-set designs where you just choose your materials of construction, instrument packages, PLC, etc.

PROFlex Features

  • Economical – designed to be economical while providing a robust, industrial RO system. Our experience and customer input defined which features do and don’t matter to create savings for our customers
  • Flexible design is easy to configure, from 18 to 72 elements, PROflex has a compact footprint, no matter the size system
  • Speed of delivery – from order to delivery, the PROflex can meet critical timelines and some units are inventoried
  • Easy maintenance – access to important components aids maintenance. For example: the Tonkaflo pump now is in front instead of under the housings for easier maintenance.
  • Flexible instrument panel/assembly includes all wired devices and is easy to customize without effecting mechanical operation.
  • Optimized design for flow/flux rather than picked as the next biggest step.  This can optimize the solution for you, further lowering your capital cost.

True Flexibility to Design the System You Want.

PROflex offers the flexibility to choose a system that will allow you to choose an aggressive or conservative design to meet the capital requirements of your specific situation.  PROflex allows complete choice on arrays, number of elements, and pump sizes within each array. The chart below shows the PROflex product line and the flow ranges for each array.


PROflex Chart

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