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Reverse Osmosis E-Series E2 for Wastewater

E-Series E2

The E2 is available in configurations ranging from 375 to 2,535 gpd (0.06 to 0.33 m³/hr), making it ideal for applications such as whole home RO, metal plating, car wash, restaurant, greenhouse watering, grocery stores and much more.

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Model Specifications

E2 Model Specifications


Features of the E-Series E2

  • Flow Rate: 375 to 2,535 gpd (0.06 to 0.33 m³/hr)
  • All models available in economy (ECN) and deluxe (DLX) packages to meet any budget and operational requirement. ECN models include instrumentation packages that are considered “extras” on competitors' equipment 
  • Small compact design provides high-quality, high volume output
  • Smart packaging ensures major components are easily accessible


Applications for the E2 Series RO

The E2 Series is ideal for customers who need high quality water for small commercial applications such as

  • Whole home RO
  • Metal Plating
  • Car Washes
  • Restaurants
  • Greenhouse water and grocery stores