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PROflex Brackish Water RO and NF

True flexibility to design a system you want

Prior to the introduction of PROflex, SUEZ delivered more than 1000 PRO Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and established the product as a rugged, industrial system capable of delivering consistent product water over years of operation. The PROflex Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration (NF) system includes the capability to meet the various needs of industrial, beverage, and municipal applications and end-users including those covered by the previous PRO, MUNI, ReNEW, Titan, and BEV Series systems. The PROflex is a flexible and price competitive RO/NF system. It is configurable using the SUEZ online flexConfigurator tool, which allows for modifying the system to best fit your specific application and also expediting the quoting process. Beyond flexibility and time-tested reliability, PROflex minimizes the overall footprint for optimum space utilization and places key components to the front of the skid to make them easily accessible.  

PROflex Features & Benefits

  • Flexible – PROflex is easy to configure to each unique project due to PROflex’s options on pumps, membrane, instrumentation, PLC controller, electrical components, and other hardware such as frame and housings.  
  • Economical – PROflex is an economical but reliable, compact, and robust RO system. SUEZ’s experience and customer input led to the available defined PROflex features and a design that creates savings for our customers. 
  • Optimized - PROflex has optimized flow and flux for application flexibility and aggressive or conservative designs. From 12 to 108 elements, PROflex has a large number of arrays that can be used to adjust flux to the needs of each unique application. 
  • Speed of delivery – from order to delivery, the PROflex can meet critical timelines, and some units are inventoried. 
  • Easy maintenance – access to important components aids maintenance. For example, the Tonkaflo pump (North American models) is in front instead of under the housings, enabling easier access for maintenance. 
  • Flexible instrument panel/assembly – the PROflex instrument panel/assembly includes all wired devices and is easy to customize without affecting mechanical operation. 

A one-source platform that you can trust 

PROflex has the distinct claim that systems are fabricated and key components are made by the same company. Specifically, PROflex models include SUEZ’s proprietary membrane elements and high flow cartridge filters, with some models also including Tonkaflo pumps and SUEZ pressure vessels. With PROflex, SUEZ is the single source of system accountability, facilitating efficiencies and demonstrating SUEZ’s commitment to being your trusted partner for proven results.