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While our SeaPAK systems and containerized SeaTECH packages come equipped with our pretreatment, you can also add our pretreatment products to any other of our Procera* desal solutions. Your fully integrated desalination process can include:

  • Depth Filters
  • UF Pre-treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Elements
  • Pre-engineered Systems
  • Chemicals
  • Lifecycle Services
  • InSight*
  • Build, Own & operate (BOO)

SWRO.Z* Depth Filters

Using patented Z.Plex* depth filter technology, these depth filters include benefits that provide better dirt holding capacity, longer filter life and decreased pressure drop.

ZeeWeed* UF Seawater Modules

Designed specifically for seawater reverse osmosis, pretreatment, these modules are designed to outperform conventional filtration technology while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, regardless of variable raw source water quality. Designed for large or small scale applications.

PRO Series Water Softeners

Remove hardness and sulfates to protect your RO membranes.

HyperSperse* Antiscalants/Antifoulants

Protect your system from scale formation and fouling with our comprehensive HyperSperse pretreatment program.

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Discover how SUEZ is helping provide clean drinking water to 1.5 million people in Africa with desalination technology.

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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