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Combining UF & SWRO on variable feedwater to maintain the quality product water needed

For variable feedwater, SeaPAK features SUEZ’s pressurized UF with high-rejection, low-energy membranes for high quality water and long life. This is the only UF-SWRO system available today with UF membrane manufacturing, SWRO membrane manufacturing, and system integration all by the same company. SeaPAK incorporates one single control system, and a multi-functional tank combining the UF CIP tank, RO CIP tank, and UF backwash tank.

The SeaPAK comes in capacities ranging from 1,000 – 10,000 m3/day product water.

SeaPAK Features

  • UF membranes, SWRO membranes, and equipment all manufactured by GE
  • Single Control System for entire system
  • Single compact multifunctional tank
  • Scalable into four blocks of same capacity with the same control system (qty 2,3, or 4 x 1000 m3/day or x 2500 m3/day)
  • Modular concept adjusted to site specificities
  • Plant operational flexibility

What is Mobile Water?

SUEZ Mobile water can provide the quantity and quality of water you need from virtually any water source, including seawater. SUEZ's fleet of trailer-based systems can meet your scheduled, temporary, or emergency water needs. Even in the middle of the night, SUEZ can deploy mobile water treatment systems within 2 hours (plus travel time).

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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