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All-In-One Packaged Desal Systems

Desalinate your specific seawater with pre-engineered SeaPRO and SeaPRO-E systems. These systems offer a turn-key pre-packaged solution to SWRO desalination. From simple low CapEx turbocharger solutions to premium efficiency pumps and energy recovery devices (ERDs), SUEZ's packaged approach reaches a wide range of applications through speed of delivery and low costs. These systems offer you easy installation and dependable operation. Each system comes equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD) for high pressure pump optimal control, energy efficiency and constant water production.

SeaPRO Series Features

  • These are our small to medium sized skid mounted systems with flow rates ranging from 100-2,500m3/day (20-460gpm)
  • Featuring turbocharges on SeaPRO 8-28 and PX energy recovery devices on SeaPRO-42 -210

SeaPRO-E Series Features

  • Our economically designed medium sized skid mounted systems offer flow rates from 500 to 2,500 m3/day (100 to 460gpm).
  • Featuring turbocharger energy recovery.

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Discover how SUEZ is helping provide clean drinking water to 1.5 million people in Africa with desalination technology.

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