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Large Scale SeaSMART Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

SUEZ's SeaSMART Train consists of modular, pre-engineered equipment configurations that may be assembled into unique technical solutions for municipal drinking water, power generation, industrial processes, commercial use, and landscape and agricultural irrigation. SeaSMART can be adapted to your specific requirements as well as to site specificities and it provides a highly efficient footprint and layout, which leads to minimized building size thus construction costs. The SeaSMART building blocks as well as the critical components are containerized to facilitate rapid and low cost shipment. Your specific requirements are addressed quickly.

SeaSMART Features

  • On-site assembled solutions for large projects.
  • Flow rates: 5 – 50 MLD
  • Sizes: 5 MLD and 10 MLD+ Designs
  • High quality designs and components
  • Mitigated installation and commissioning risks
  • High efficiency foot print and layout
  • High quality designs and components
  • Modular concept adjusted to site specificities
  • Plant operational flexibility

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Discover how SUEZ is helping provide clean drinking water to 1.5 million people in Africa with desalination technology.

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