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Save Installation Time with SeaTECH Container Systems

The SeaTECH series provides integrated Energy Recovery with RO in an easily movable container for your Mobile water, Industrial, Power and Municipal Markets. Much like our SeaPRO series, these systems range from 163 – 3,000 m3/day yet come containerized for easy shipping, installation, and operation. All necessary equipment required for independent operation is provided. SeaTECH is a clear choice to install a system that meets all customer requirements.

Ask us about our separate Procera filtration pretreatment equipment also available for purchase from SUEZ.

SeaTECH / SeaTECH-E Series Features

What is Mobile Water?

SUEZ Mobile water can provide the quantity and quality of water you need from virtually any water source, including seawater. SUEZ's fleet of trailer-based systems can meet your scheduled, temporary, or emergency water needs. Even in the middle of the night, SUEZ can deploy mobile water treatment systems within 2 hours (plus travel time).

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