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SpecAid Finished Fuels Treatment

Meet finished fuel quality specifications while lowering treatment costs

Petroleum refiners and marketers spend millions of dollars on additives to help meet finished fuel quality specifications. Many traditional finished product additivess are inefficient and result in unnecessary costs.

SUEZ’s SpecAid additives are designed to help meet fuel specifications at minimum costs. These are combined with comprehensive services, including on-site monitoring, chemical analysis, and recommendations from SUEZ’s testing laboratories, for a complete product additive solution.

Finished Product Additive Features

  • Helps refiners and marketers cost effectively meet fuel specifications.
  • Ensures proper fuel handling and performance characteristics.
  • State-of-the-art gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, blend component, biofuel and feed stock additives.
  • Customized feedback and system recommendations from SUEZ treatment specialists.

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