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Tough-to-treat water needs an integrated approach with ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

The PROPAK and RePAK systems combine SUEZ’s vast technical experience in ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) into one integrated platform. Each system has its unique purpose: the PROPAK provides high quality water from high variability surface water and the RePAK provides tertiary wastewater reuse.

With versatile configurations and compatible monitoring capabilities, the PROPAK and RePAK systems reduce capital, installation, and operating expenses.

PROPAK and RePak Features

  • 35% reduction of footprint. The integrated UF/RO system has a single tank for CIP, back-pulse and break. This provides a 35% smaller footprint compared to traditional UF, RO and tank skids.
  • 10% reduction in installation costs. Your cost to install the PROPAK or RePAK is less than traditional ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems because of a reduction in interconnecting piping, pre-engineered skid footprints and connection points, and a pre-integrated control package.
  • One integrated control system. With a full suite of monitoring capabilities, the central PLC control offers full monitoring instrumentation and Ethernet connectivity.

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