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Wastewater Bioaugmentation Products

Enhancing the performance of biological wastewater treatment systems through wastewater bioagumentation products

Controlling organic contaminants is a key objective of many wastewater treatment plants. Ensuring the healthy growth of beneficial microorganisms is critical to the efficient operation of secondary treatment systems, which are designed to remove organic contaminants. SUEZ offers bioaugmentation products and services to support healthy and efficient microorganism growth and performance in your wastewater plant.

Bioaugmentation Product Features

With unique technologies accompanied by industry leading expertise, SUEZ provides a total wastewater treatment solution that:

  • Enhances microbial populations and degradation of organics
  • Provides micronutrients and stimulants for growth under a wide array of conditions
  • Lowers treatment costs for reuse
  • Improves community image and minimizes the potential for fines and/or extra compliance costs from regulatory authorities

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