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Heavy Metals Removal

Remove mercury, lead and other heavy metals

Metals in waste streams don't naturally degrade and are toxic to aquatic life, even at low concentrations. SUEZ provides wastewater treatment programs for industrial facility operators to reduce heavy metals in waste streams to help ensure regulatory compliance. Metals that can be removed include soluble and/or particulate heavy metals, such as lead, copper, chromium, iron, manganese, mercury, nickel and zinc.

Product Highlight

MetClear* Metals Solutions

Industrial, municipal and manufacturing facilities can contain toxic heavy metals in their wastewater impacting downstream processes, re-use of water, the environment and the local community’s well-being. These facilities face the challenge of meeting and maintaining compliance by State and Federal regulatory agencies while doing so economically. 

SUEZ provides a comprehensive metals removal solution utilizing MetClear products, and when required, unique product offerings from the SUEZ KlarAid*, Novus* or PolyFloc*/ BetzDearborn* clarification product lines. This comprehensive approach to treatment assists industrial and municipal facilities meet increasingly stringent effluent requirements.

MetClear Features and Benefits

  • Remove heavy metals from wastewater over a wide pH range
  • Reduce treatment costs
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Reduces potential for future remediation
  • Improves community health
  • Enables wastewater recycling for plant processes
  • Can be applied during normal treatment process or as a polishing agent for industrial wastewater treatment

Heavy Metals Removal

How to Removal Heavy Metals from Water (Application and Treatment)

Proper application and treatment programs for removing heavy metals from water depend on many factors. These factors include the understanding, monitoring and documenting of operational conditions and the impact of wastewater variability on performance. When assessing your needs, SUEZ will bring first-hand knowledge of your system and how best to apply our water treatment products.