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ROclean Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners MSDS

Chemical programs specifically tailored to ensure optimum system and reverse osmosis performance.

SUEZ is one of Europe's leading designers, developers and manufacturers of high performance water purification systems for use throughout the healthcare, research and industrial sectors.

ROclean Programs

As part of our aftermarket activities, we offer a number of chemical programs specifically tailored to ensure optimum reverse osmosis performance, as recommended in our user manuals.

Each program is matched to provide optimum performance against specific feed water conditions. The ROclean chemicals are compatible with all polyamide, thin film composite membranes.

  • ROclean 2/2L: An acidic reverse osmosis membrane cleaner suitable for the removal of hardness scale and metal oxides
  • ROclean 5: A highly effective blend of organic acids and powerful oxidising agents which synergistically act as a broad spectrum anti-microbial disinfectant ideal for both reverse osmosis membranes and purified water distribution systems
  • ROclean 12/12L: An alkaline general purpose cleaner containing a blend of sequesterants, non-ionic detergent and emulsifiers, formulated for the removal of dissolved organics, silica and inorganic colloids

Technical Specifications

✓ Recommended cleaning program | M Moderate effect | ✘ Not recommended

    Types of fouling
Cleaner Description Organics Hardness Colloidal Iron Bacteria
ROclean 5 Liquid Disinfectant M
ROclean 2 Powder Acid Descaler M M
ROclean 2L Liquid Acid Descaler M M
ROclean 12 Alkaline Powder M
ROclean 12L Alkaline Liquid M