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Expert Guidance Water and Wastewater Services

Transform your Operators into Super-Operators with SUEZ’s Expert Operations Guidance Services for Water and Wastewater

SUEZ guarantees water quality and quantity for membrane-based water and wastewater plants while not directly operating them. This ability enables our customers to keep operation and maintenance activities, enhanced with our guidance.  SUEZ takes the responsibility of membrane element replacement and monitors the plant using service visits and it’s remote monitoring solution.


Expert Guidance for water and wastewater are service level agreements that set the stage for efficient, performance-focused collaboration between your team and SUEZ. Our experts will join your operations team through scheduled service visits or optional continuous presence on site. This will secure production continuity with knowledge transfer from SUEZ’s team to your operation staff and give you access to world-leading experts in water treatment. Our experts will improve processes to reduce/optimize power and chemical consumptions, increase resource recovery and extend equipment life while maintaining Environmental Health & Safety compliance.

How It Works

Our process includes three steps, pre-agreement, during and outcome:

  • Pre-agreement:
    • Our experts visit your plant to identify your challenges and implement mitigation action(s) when needed. 
    • We work with you to define roles and responsibilities on the work required to ensure your plant success for the long run.
  • During the agreement:
    • We seek continual operating cost reduction for your business
    • We conduct performance monitoring to ensure optimum asset life and reliability.  We combine our advanced remote monitoring solution with service visits from our experts to do so. 
  • Outcome:
    • We guarantee the performance of your plant for water quality or quantity.
    • We provide knowledge transfer on an efficient and effective operations from our experts to your operation team.


Our Commitment

Together, we create value by extending membrane life, optimizing operation and reduce the costs associated with the operation of the plant. SUEZ takes the responsibility of membrane element replacement to guarantee performance in water quality and quantity.  Our customers generally benefit from lower monthly payments and less money upfront compared to other services and products.  

To ensure success in the long run, SUEZ can also make initial capital investments in your plant to modernize it. This is done at no or low upfront cost to you so you can benefit from the lower initial investment.

SUEZ guarantees water quality and quantity for your membrane-based water and wastewater plants while not directly operating them. This ability enables you to keep operation and maintenance activities, enhanced with our guidance.


Long-term care of water and wastewater treatment plant can be a daunting task. SUEZ is here to guide you and your team in the learning on the inner workings of SUEZ’ s water treatment technologies and on the industry’s best practices. As a guide, SUEZ can show you how to perform the key tasks of the job, so you can build confidence to successfully operate and maintain your water or wastewater plant.

Even the most experienced operators can be overwhelmed when the unexpected occurs. Our long term agreement means that we will be there for you in those situations. We have the world’s leading technical service team and we shine when there is a challenge.  Our expertise and experience were acquired and are maintained through the manufacturing, design, and operation of thousands of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

We believe that by providing long term access to our network of process engineers, service technicians, and maintenance planning specialists, we help you manage effectively and economically your plant.


SUEZ will monitor your plant using service visits and its advanced remote monitoring solution.  We are in the digital era and we have a proper digital solution for you. We can detect early signs of a problem and guide your team to make corrections to process parameters. We will give recommendations for pre-treatment adjustments or for a different cleaning chemical. We are proactive and prefer to prevent problems before they happen.