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Long Term Operation Outsourcing of Water or Wastewater Plants

Operations Outsourcing provides guaranteed performance

At SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions as part of our Water and Wastewater services we offer Operations Outsourcing. With this service you transfer the asset to us and move from Capex to Opex costs when you decide to have us build, own and maintain your equipment. Our Operations Outsourcing services is designed to help you minimize the overall operating cost of your water or wastewater treatment plant and maximize its reliability.



Benefits of Operations Outsourcing 

SUEZ’s long term outsourcing services provide long term water treatment solutions across a wide range of capabilities and technologies. You can rely on Suez to supply make-up/process water and ultrapure water on the front end of your plant or treat effluent/wastewater on the back end. With flexible models based on asset ownership, SUEZ will leverage in-house expertise to operate and maintain your system with the highest level of efficiency.

    How It Works

    SUEZ can design, build, operate, and maintain your water and wastewater system to produce the quality and quantity of water your need throughout the length of the contract. These long term services offer many financial and technical advantages over capital investment in treatment systems, including multiple technologies, the world's largest mobile fleet as back-up and, with a priority service agreement, guaranteed water quality and quantity.

    From source water to final supplied water, SUEZ’s long term services provide treated water that meets your requirements for purity and volume with little or no capital expenditure, reduced operating costs and improved technical performance. To minimize time for construction and also minimize cost of installation, SUEZ can use standardized, modular fleet designs, including existing assets from the mobile fleet to build your water or wastewater system. Additionally, SUEZ can leverage in-house engineering teams to design your custom plant.

    Field Service/Training

    Field Training 

    Center to the Operations Outsourcing service is field training support. SUEZ’s Field Service Representatives (FSRs) provide you a level of service that helps you save time, valuable resources, and money. We understand your equipment is a vital asset to your plant’s operation, and at SUEZ, we train our FSRs to ensure your equipment is ready on demand. Our FSRs are the face of SUEZ; they work with you to forge a strong relationship, by providing excellent service and unmatched expertise. As your partner, we work every day to earn your trust and give you peace of mind.


    In order to provide unparalleled expertise and service, SUEZ's FSRs complete an in-depth training and mentoring program. Every FSR starts with a rigorous training curriculum that focuses on systems, industry trends, quality, human performance, and customer focus. Then SUEZ uses real-world field testing to verify the FSRs’ transfer of skills and competency. education SUEZ’s uses extensive curricula that include online courses. These courses cover 30 core technical and 20 broad soft-skill topics. SUEZ continues the FSR’s education with hands-on lab training focused on applying their new knowledge to the operation and troubleshooting of SUEZ-Water systems. Additionally, SUEZ provides their FSRs a broach spectrum of training that adds value for you. Training programs include environmental health and safety (EHS) training, regular safety meetings, and human performance and techniques (HPT) training. FSRs finish their initial HPT training and they must complete an annual refresher course.

    Operations Agreements

    Operations agreements

    SUEZ’s operations agreements guarantee your water operation with little or no capital expenditure, reduced operational costs, and improved technical performance. Our contracts include:

    • Dedicated and extensively trained field service representatives (FSRs) who provide:
      • Onsite operation and monitoring of equipment performance
      • Equipment installation assistance and start-up services
      • Repair services and troubleshooting problems
    • An extensive portfolio with the technical knowledge to provide the complete unique solution
    • Assurance of quality water guarantees – With the backing of the world’s largest mobile fleet, SUEZ responds when and where needed
    • Reduced cost of water – SUEZ has the expertise to offer the greatest reliability with the lowest overall cost

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