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Quickly reduce breathable dust with DusTreat* wetting agents

Fugitive dust is typically generated during unloading, stack out, reclaim and crushing operations. These dust emissions can be a safety hazard and environmental nuisance, and can increase maintenance of material handling equipment. DusTreat wetting agents are highly-concentrated blends formulated to enhance the dust suppression capabilities of water.

DusTreat is designed to increase the ability of water to adhere to and spread over dust particles. This increases the bulk density of dust particles and leads to agglomeration, which prevents particles from becoming airborne. DusTreat dust control solutions are particularly effective in reducing respirable dust.

DusTreat Wetting Agents Features

  • Provides control of fugitive emissions while minimizing moisture addition
  • Enhances wetting of dust particles
  • Reduces maintenance and housekeeping costs
  • Reduces explosion hazard and improves working conditions

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Mining sites face countless challenges related to dust, including accidents, operational & health challenges, decreased productivity and CO2 emissions. 
SUEZ offers a portfolio of dust control programs as an alternative to the increased usage of water. SUEZ's DusTreat includes wetting agents, foam suppressants and binders that reduce dust emissions.

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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