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ZeeBlok 500

Flexible, simple, reliable membrane performance

ZeeBlok provides advanced membrane manufacturing techniques to create small building blocks. These building blocks, or ZeeBloks, allow quick, flexible module assembly in a number of configurations while maintaining outstanding product performance and quality.

ZeeBlok Features

ZeeBlok offers features and benefits that make it the right choice for many applications:

  • Demonstrated to operate at 1.5 to 2.5 times the flow rate of similar products
  • Unmatched fiber ruggedness ensures longer membrane life
  • "Self-healing" fibers eliminate catastrophic membrane failures
  • Compact design minimizes land acquisition and construction costs
  • Proven system performance in hundreds of municipal and industrial applications provides you with peace of mind

Featured Video

See how one SUEZ customer turned to ZeeBlok to replace their 20-year old ZeeWeed membranes.

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