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ZeeWeed 1000 Ultrafiltration Membrane

Attain high packing density and low capital costs with a small-diameter fiber membrane

SUEZ's immersed ZeeWeed 1000 ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system is ideal for retrofits and large plants. It is applicable in direct filtration, coagulation, tertiary filtration, multi-media filter retrofits, and pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

With SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 1000, you can produce a water quality that meets stringent EPA drinking water standards while using less chemicals, reducing physical footprint, and producing less residual waste than a typical conventional potable water treatment system.

ZeeWeed 1000 Features

  • High efficiency design ensures low capital, operating, and lifecycle costs
  • Hollow-fiber geometry provides a greater filtration surface area, which reduces plant footprint and more effectively distributes cleaning solutions
  • Cassettes are fully integrated with permeation and aeration connections, minimizing loose components and external connections
  • Building block design reduces the size and cost of large plants and simplifies operation due to fewer process components and connections
  • Flexible cassette design allows for cost-effective retrofits of filter basins of different shapes and sizes
  • Cassettes and module materials are good for high salinity waters

ZeeWeed 1000 Next Generation Cassette 

The ZeeWeed 1000 NGC is a building block which uses the market leading ZeeWeed 1000 module The range of cassette sizes makes it possible to fit into existing tanks of various depths or to optimize new designs based on the available head space or construction costs.

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