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ZeeWeed 1000 Ultrafiltration Membrane

Attain high packing density and low capital costs with a small-diameter fiber membrane

SUEZ's immersed ZeeWeed 1000 ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system is ideal for retrofits and large plants. It is applicable in direct filtration, coagulation, tertiary filtration, multi-media filter retrofits, and pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

With SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 1000, you can produce a water quality that meets stringent EPA drinking water standards while using less chemicals, reducing physical footprint, and producing less residual waste than a typical conventional potable water treatment system.

ZeeWeed 1000 Features

  • High efficiency design ensures low capital, operating, and lifecycle costs
  • Hollow-fiber geometry provides a greater filtration surface area, which reduces plant footprint and more effectively distributes cleaning solutions
  • Cassettes are fully integrated with permeation and aeration connections, minimizing loose components and external connections
  • Building block design reduces the size and cost of large plants and simplifies operation due to fewer process components and connections
  • Flexible cassette design allows for cost-effective retrofits of filter basins of different shapes and sizes
  • Cassettes and module materials are good for high salinity waters

How do ZeeWeed membranes work?

Watch a short animation to see how the SUEZ’s ZeeWeed membranes work.

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