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ZW700B using SevenBore* fiber technology

SUEZ’s ZW700B inside-out UF membranes use a blended polyethersulphone (PES), allowing the membrane to stay permanently hydrophilic and reduce the fouling tendency.

When compared to granular filter media and cartridge filters, the ZeeWeed* 700B membrane produces superior water quality and is virtually unaffected by variable raw water quality.

ZeeWeed 700B Features

  • Optimal removal of particulates, bacteria and viruses
  • Uses SevenBore fiber technology with an inside-out flow orientation
  • PES membrane fibers with 7 bores - provide high mechanical strength (10x that of single fibers) and ability to operate in a wide range of pH
  • Typical applications include: pretreatment for reverse osmosis, high quality industrial process, non-water applications like juice, wine and beer clarification, high pressure offshore EOR and 4 log virus removal.

*A trademark of SUEZ. May be registered in one or more countries.

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