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Membrane System Design Software

Winflows - Membrane Systems Design Software

The Winflows reverse osmosis (RO) system design and simulation software program brings advanced RO simulation to a whole new level. Some of the program features include:

  • 3-Pass systems
  • Permeate split and recycle
  • Anti-scalant dosing
  • Energy Recovery Devices
  • Ability to combine stages
  • Much more

The program is an intuitive and user-friendly simulation, which makes it easy to quickly design a simple system or the most complex system without difficultly. The first program to incorporate other simulation packages, Winflows can recommend pretreatment chemicals and their dosage rates if needed.

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Update Database File 3.22

The following files are for people updating existing versions of Winflows.

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Winflows Database Update Guide

Download Winflows 3.3.3 Program

Upon completing the form, a second screen will open to download the Winflows program to your desktop for use.
Note: WINFLOWS makes use of Microsoft's .NET framework.

Winflows Installation Guide

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